On December 1, Dryland Estonia published races calendar for season 2019.  Estonian Dryland Cup format have been updated and weekend race added.

Estonian Dryland Cup will continue as four-stage serie instead of three, and will start with summer. First stage, EDC Palivere, will be on June 2 with new and interesting trail. Starting times have been lifted to evening with cooler temperature.

Nigth stage in Harku (Tallinn) will be on August 17 with its fast trail. Third stage is on September 15 in Tallinn, near Lake Ülemiste. The trail is more complicated, but without bigger climbings. The final stage is in Koeru on October 6 parallel to the Estonian Dryland Weekend.

With more stages in season, the season result system is now more lenient. To get season result, it is necessary to get result from three of four stages. When having results in all four stages, top-three will be counted.

On October 4-6, 2019 world first dryland race in three days with 4 heats in all different trails will be organised. Estonian Dryland Weekend is planned to be IFSS World Cup stage. In Friday, the first heat will be in Ebavere difficult trail. Second and night heats are in Tamsalu with easier trails, and the final heat will be in Koeru parallel to Estonian Dryland Cup.

Registration for Dryland Estonia races will be opened on January 1, 2019.